Giangreco's Home & Office Cleaning, LLC is well known for its professional, thorough and cost-efficient cleaning services. We come highly recommended by a growing number of both residential and commercial customers.


Below are comments directly quoted from our clients:

Email received January, 2020

"Dear Jim, Amanda's cleaning on Thursday was the best home cleaning we have ever had.  She did the floors on her hands and knees and they are spotless.  Our home is the cleanest it has been in years and this is only the first cleaning.  I am so impressed.  Amnda is also a very nice person.  Rebecca and I are looking forward to a wonderful, long term relationship with you, and Giangreco's Home Cleaning."

Stephanie from Glastonbury, CT 


Email received December, 2019

"Jim, I wanted to email you to give you some great news.  Sedina has been doing amazing, detail and consistent quality work when cleaning my house.  I am going to pass along your nice brochure/flyer to my neighbors and a friend at the office.  I am so happy I have finally found a professional home cleaning company that does great, consistent work and is managed so well and it is my pleasure to recommend Giangreco's Home Cleaning."

Lisa from Farmington, MA


Handwritten note received November, 2019

"Hi Jim, I am so happy our family found your home cleaning service.  I have lived in Glastonbury for 20 years and have had some great companies do work at our home and Giangreco's Home Cleaning is ceratainly one of the best!!!  The cleaning work is top quality and consistent, but what separates you is the impeccable communication and professionalism and willingness to accommodate our needs.  Please fee free to use us as a reference."  - Dave and Debbie, West Hartford, CT 



Emailed October, 2019

"Hi Jim,

Would you please forward this to Sedina.  She did a a beautiful job on the house! "
Thanks, Robin and Richard, Farmington, CT


Email received October, 2019

Hi Jim, "Tora did a great job!  She is very personable.  I hope she enjoyed working at my house.  Thanks, Jeannette."  - Glastonbury, CT


Handwritten note October, 2019

Dear Jim,
"Sedina did a marverlous job and has a wonderful personality.   I am so happy your beautiful flyer made it to my mailbox.  I look forward to working with you and Pam."
Jill from Newington, CT


Email message September, 2019

Hi Jim,
"Gladys is doing a wonderful home cleaning job at our home and has a charming personality.  Your company has made my life so much better !!"
Jane from Farmington, CT

Hanwritten note received May, 2019

Dear Jim,

"Just wanted to pass along how thrilled we were with your professionalism and with Julie's amazing cleaning.  Our home always looks fantastic! "

Barbara from Middtletown, CT



Email received May, 2019

Dear Jim,

"Sedina has been great and if you need a reference for her I am happy to give one.  Thanks for everything !! "

Trish from West Hartford, CT



Email received April - 2018

Hi Jim,

"We think Tora is GREAT.   Also, your company is the best home cleaning service we have ever used.   From the very beginning, whether it be fast returned phone calls and emails or quality, consisent home cleaning,  the service has been outstanding.  Your company has been a great help for us. "

John and Sharon from Glastonbury, CT




April - 2019

"Hi Jim, sorry for the delay, the last couple weeks have been a whirlwind. I have no problem with that and thanks for the courtesy of asking and not just doing. It's refreshing to see that kind of business practice in the me me world!  Have a great Thanksgiving! "

Gene from Glastonbury, CT



In a message dated 04/22/2018 2:26:07 P.M. writes

Hi  Gene, 

Are you OK if we adjust your Dad's price for home cleaning from $90 to $95?  The $5 adjustment goes to insurance, $2 and Julie, $3.




Email Received March 8, 2019

Dear Jim and all at Giangreco's Home Cleaning,

"We have really enjoyed coming home to a clean house and truly appreciate Tora's hard work!  Our bathroom is sparkling clean, and I have never seen our home so spotless! Impeccable work."

Eileen and James from Wethersfield, CT



March 4, 2019

"Hi Jim,

First, a compliment to you.  You always answer your phone in person and that is so nice and helpful. Also, Sedina's cleaning has been quality and consistent. We are very pleased!!

Brenda and Ron from Wethersfield, CT



March, 2019

Hi Jim,
"I think Flora is wonderful and I am so happy we found your home cleaning service.
Lynn (from Boston, MA regarding her father's home cleaning in CT) "
February 15, 2019
Dear Jim,
"Enisa did a marverlous job and has a wonderful personality. I will definetly be scheduling more cleaning time with you and her. "
Lucy from Newington, CT
January, 2019
Hi Jim
"Julie is a wonderful cleaner, very efficient.  She also has a charming personality. I felt comforatble with her right from the beginning.  I hope to have her again soon. "
Julie V. (from New Britain, CT)
February, 2019
Dear Jim,
"We are doing well and very pleased with Jean, thank-you.  She is lovely and a hard worker. "
Kathy from Wethersfield, CT
February, 2019
Hi Jim
" Melanie was great !!!
You were not kidding about her quality and she also has a personality to match.  Looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship with your company. "
Diane from Rocky Hill, CT
February 7, 2019
Hello Jim,
" Thanks for asking.
Sedina is doing a great job.  We really like everything.  Very professional, efficient and great quality. "
Gina from Wethersfield
Date:  February 7, 2019
Hi Gina, 
Attached is your current home cleaning invoice.  Also, is there anything Julie can be doing better or differently that would be helpful for you?  I just want to make sure you and the family are happy  with everything.  Thanks......... Jim


January, 2019

"Reliable and with an eye for detail. Giangreco's Home & Office Cleaning, LLC has been cleaning my house for years."

Lisa from Rocky Hill, CT



November, 2018

"The cleaning specialists at Giangreco's Home & Office Cleaning place great value on cleanliness and take pride in the quality of their work.  My home clenaner is always punctual, does her work quickly and conscientiously. Take my word for it! I am a picky one"

Jane from Newington, CT

















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Email message received March 28, 2020.

"Good morning Jim.  Sedina

is terrific!
She does a terrific job at our office every weekend.  We are so very very pleased with everything- it is beautifully clean and sparkling and just perfect. What a wonderful job she did!!! Thank you!
  Again, she is amazing , such a pleasant person to have here at the office.  We are all very pleased.  Thank you."


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